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Swiss Authenticity

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Alprausch combines classic Swiss tradition, with modern street and snow culture.  We are so thrilled to be the only North American boutique carrying this brand.  Family run, and based in Zurich, Switzerland, Alprausch’s goal is to share with the world all of the things that make their everyday lives so special.  Their designers draw inspiration from the beauty of Switzerland.  Their passion for modern fashion and quirky sense of humor can always be seen in their clothes.

When Lorraine visited the Alprausch headquarters in Zurich earlier this year, she had quite the experience meeting creator Andy Tanner.  In the backstreets of the city, where no taxi driver knew the way, Lorraine  eventually found a loading dock with a small sign that said “Alprausch.”  Turns out, the loading dock is the front door, and after heaving her suitcase up a ladder, she climbed onto a platform and had arrived into another world.  Andy greeted her amongst hay bales, collections of toy cars and motorcycles, shelves of superhero figurines, and a Kiss doll that sticks it’s tongue out when squeezed.  Perched in a chair on top of an enormous alligator rug, with, if you can believe it, a bear fur rug on top, Lorraine came to understand what makes Alprausch so special.

To check out their website, go to 

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December 9, 2011 at 7:11 pm

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